Sex Education

Local Control, Parental Control

A BIG THANK YOU for all the time, energy and money spent to help the effort to get signatures for Initiative 1109!  Unfortunately we fell short of the minimum needed to turn in to Olympia.

This has been an extraordinary year of miracle highs and lows but one constant has been the waking up of families to the realities of what the schools are teaching to our children.  This is not the end and Common Sense Sex Ed will continue to fight to protect our children. 

We encourage you to stay connected with us.   We will be keeping our email so feel free to contact us with your concerns and questions.   We may be moving our website but the information will still be available for you to share with others on another link. 

THANK YOU AGAIN for your support in our efforts. 

Georgene Faries

To download the initiative:
Make sure it is printed on 11x17" size paper.
Make sure the quality of paper is thicker than 20lb which is regular copy paper weight.
If you do not have the right size or weight paper contact us.


Wrong paper can disqualify all of your signatures.

If you are requesting petitions be mailed to you, rather than pick-up at one of the locations, please submit a donation to cover the mailing costs.

Contact information: