Sex Education

Local Control, Parental Control

A BIG THANK YOU for all the time, energy and money spent to help the effort to get signatures for Initiative 1109!  Unfortunately we fell short of the minimum needed to turn in to Olympia.

This has been an extraordinary year of miracle highs and lows but one constant has been the waking up of families to the realities of what the schools are teaching to our children.  This is not the end and Common Sense Sex Ed will continue to fight to protect our children. 

We encourage you to stay connected with us.   We will be keeping our email so feel free to contact us with your concerns and questions.   We may be moving our website but the information will still be available for you to share with others on another link. 

THANK YOU AGAIN for your support in our efforts. 

Georgene Faries

Obtaining Signatures

(Additional downloads coming soon)

Signing Petitions

Sign to bring back local control and parental rights to sex education!

  1. Find a location for getting petitions / drive by signings
  2. Get signatures by December 2020
  3. Return to drop-off location or mail to Common Sense Sex Ed

TIPS for signing Initiative 1109

  • Use the name on your voter registration form, don't sign "Bill" if you registered as "William". When in doubt match your driver's license.
  • Filling in your birthdate helps the Secretary of State find you in their database. It is best to at least put in a birth year.
  • Use the address that will best match the voter registration database on December 31st.
  • You must be a registered voter. You can fill out a voter registration form that must be turned in by December 31, 2020.

TIPS for turning in Initiative 1109

  • Before returning the form, sign the backside "Petition Gatherer" statement. Don't worry if you forget to do this.
  • Forms can be turned in with one signature or twenty.

Return petitions to a petition location or mail it to:

Common Sense Sex Ed

PO Box 8055

Bonney Lake, WA 98391