Sex Education

Local Control, Parental Control

A BIG THANK YOU for all the time, energy and money spent to help the effort to get signatures for Initiative 1109!  Unfortunately we fell short of the minimum needed to turn in to Olympia.

This has been an extraordinary year of miracle highs and lows but one constant has been the waking up of families to the realities of what the schools are teaching to our children.  This is not the end and Common Sense Sex Ed will continue to fight to protect our children. 

We encourage you to stay connected with us.   We will be keeping our email so feel free to contact us with your concerns and questions.   We may be moving our website but the information will still be available for you to share with others on another link. 

THANK YOU AGAIN for your support in our efforts. 

Georgene Faries

What’s Next?

Initiative 1109

  • returns control of curriculum content to local school boards
  • gives parents the choice to opt their children into the formal sex education classes
  • provides long-term overall health using primary prevention and optimal health goals*
  • requires materials be wholesome enough for public broadcast standards
  • allows citizens to view materials online

Initiative 1109 is a simple straight forward ballot measure.

Too many informed parents (1.6million) desired a change from Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). Parents want a different philosophy in sex ed. CSE capitalizes on the absolute unawareness citizens have of the offensive, explicit curriculum content. To achieve success, the education process will have to continue and expand until the 2021 election. Common Sense Sex Education, I-1109 is not a magic bullet, there still may be conflict as communities determine expectations they want for students in their schools and homes.



It Is Now Or Never

Sounds dire, it is! The number of required signatures to put future initiatives on the ballot is 8%, based on the number of voters that voted in the last governor’s race. This year’s election broke all records for participation. This initiative’s number of signatures needed (320,000) is based on the 2016 election participation. Gathering the needed signatures is urgent.



No Choice

Schools can only write or use Comprehensive Sexual Sex Education. Comprehensive Sexuality Education focuses on student’s rights to have sex and pleasure. That is a false choice. Initiative 1109 replaces the Revised Code (RCW) that granted the Superintendent’s office authority to approve or disapprove curriculum within the 2007 Healthy Youth Act. Of course, schools would cite medically footnoted facts. Local communities are more in touch with the developmental needs of their students than the state office. They will make local decisions about developmentally appropriate materials.

Opting a student out is not a practical choice. It makes students feel ridiculed and makes them a target for bullying. Other students fill them in. Giving an opt-in choice reduces teasing and peer pressure. I-1109 cares for more than just your own child. It cares for the child that your child befriends, marries, raises children with and voters in the future. Responsible citizens want the next generation to learn to act on healthy values.


Primary Prevention is intervening before health effects occur, through measures such as vaccinations, altering risky behaviors (poor eating habits, tobacco use), and banning substances known to be associated with a disease or health condition.


"Optimal health is a dynamic balance of physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health. It is a lifestyle change facilitated through a combination of learning experiences that enhance awareness, increase motivation, and build skills and, most important, through the creation of opportunities that open access to environments that make positive health practices the easiest choice." It is a process of moving from high risk to low risk and then to no risk behaviors.


Bring back local control

Common Sense Sex Education Initiative 1109 will need 320,000 signatures by the end of December to qualify for the Washington State
Legislature to take up the matter in January 2021. Signed petitions need to be returned no later than December 21st, 2020 to meet the
state deadline.