Sex Education

Local Control, Parental Control

Next step

Initiative 1109

Initiative 1109 puts local school boards and parents in control of their children’s sex education program.

In June of 2020, a record number of signatures was turned in for Referendum 90 to overturn a mandate forcing comprehensive sex education on all public schools and taking local control away from local school boards. Voting to REJECT Referendum 90 in November, will bring public schools back to the current system where OSPI has a set of philosophical standards that public schools must comply with if they are going to teach anything. 

The Common Sense Sex Education Initiative 1109 goes one step further to completely remove state control over all sexual health programs and place it into the hands of local school boards and families, like all the other academic subjects.



Bring back local control

Common Sense Sex Education Initiative 1109 will need 320,000 signatures by the end of December to qualify for the Washington State Legislature to take up the matter in January 2021.   Under the current conditions, we are asking for most of the signatures to be returned by the end of October 2020, in case we are subjected to another covid lockdown.